NFTLaunchKit - The best solution for NFT Smart Contracts and NFT Minting Websites.

The best solution for no-code web3 apps.

With NFTLaunchKit you can create a smart contract in our dashboard with a few clicks, provided by Thirdweb. You can create a NFT Minting Website with our templates and manage everything from the dashboard. Without any code and for free.

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Our dashboard does all the work for you!


Web3 apps can be created easily even without experience. With Thirdweb's pre-build contracts, we take everything off your hands. Our website builder lets you quickly create your NFT Minting Website with drag-and-drop. Choose from 30+ editable templates or create your own.

You can manage everything through the dashboard.

NFT Minting Website Builder

Create your own NFT Minting Website without a line of code.

With just a few clicks and no prior experience necessary, an NFT Minting Website can be easily created using our drag-and-drop website builder. You can choose from up to 30 different templates. New templates will be added from time to time.


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